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About Us


We are a Connecticut based company out of New Milford, CT. Founded in 1969, M&O has been providing quality projects on schedule throughout Connecticut and New York. 

M&O is recognized as a provider of the highest quality construction services for excavation and grading needs to commercial and residential clients.


M&O is a family owned and run business, with a dedication to completing each project with quality, safety, and efficiency in mind. Founded in 1969, M&O has been able to steadily grow into the well-known, ethical, honesty-based business it is today. 


Today M&O is comprised of highly skilled and experienced leaders with broad construction expertise. Along with a staff of people willing to learn and better their skills in the field.

M & O has a large amount of equipment including over 200 pieces of equipment to get the job done. This includes land clearing equipment, pavers, rollers, haul trucks, a grinder, crushers, excavators, and tri-axles.

Our mission statement

To have success in the construction industry by working with safe, efficient, and skilled people in our company by following all rules, regulations, and training available to us all. This will provide us the recognition in our field to further our growth and future our success. Each employee is encouraged to utilize his or her very best judgement in every aspect. Each employee should take initiative in all his or her duties from start to finish (i.e.: quality of service, knowledge ability to provide our customers with the best services, complete and accurate written records, operation and maintenance of equipment/vehicles, cooperation with and courtesy to others, mutual respect, etc.)

Code of ethics

It is to employ people with the integrity, loyalty, honesty, enthusiasm, safety mindedness, and skill to do his or her duties to the best of his or her ability. Employees are required to be team workers with respect to one another, to our customers, to any official or professional we encounter and the general public. Employees are required to obey rules and regulations to the fullest extent of his or her ability while under employment at this Company. Generally, conduct which is considered to be disruptive, unproductive, immoral, or illegal will not be tolerated by this Company.

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